Woburn Safari Park

The Mammoth Play Ark

The Mammoth Play Ark in Woburn Safari park is a large, Ark shaped building, boasting a massive indoor play area, private hire party rooms and the Two By Two Restaurant.

The Two By Two Restaurant

The Two By Two Restaurant has the resources and capability to serve up to 1000 people per hour.

The Front Counter

The front service counter has four till stations to enable a large serving capacity.

Front Counter Detail

Laminate finish with Desert Sand resin countertop, detailing and skirting.

Menu Signage

The Mainstreet Gold Menu System with custom made transparencies create a striking yet easy to read menu.

The Rear Service Counter

The rear service counter comprising of the Fast serve 600 System is mirrored to prevent staff cross-over for ease of use, speed of service and safety


Two Frysuites were installed to allow fries to reach the customer quick, hot & fresh.

The Cookline

The cookline was designed for easy transition from raw to finished product.

The Cookline

Alternative view.

Seating Area

Contemporary furnishings make for a stylish and comfortable atmosphere which is in keeping with the overall appearance of the building.

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