The Vizu Toaster range has been specifically designed for a toasting production line. The operator will place either bread or a bun into the relevant entry point, as the bread feeds through the machines you can then place another piece behind to increase efficiency. Once the product has passed through the machine it will either be caramalised for the perfect burger or toasted to perfection for your fry up.

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Vizu Slim Line Bun Toaster

The Slim line bun toaster allows a production line type of toasting. The operator will place a ‘Heal & Crown’ into the relevant top slot, the unit will then feed the bread down through the unit, as the bread drop into the machine the next ‘Heal & Crown’ can be placed in above the previous. Once the sugar coated bread has passed through the machine, the surface of the bread will be ‘caramelised’ reducing the impact of moist products placed next to it in a sandwich, improving the quality of the sandwich.

  • Vertical style allows reduced footprint
  • Toast/caramelise both the ‘Heal & Crown’ at the same time
  • Perfect from a production style restaurant
  • Lower bread chute can be placed front or rear
  • Works with a two staff member system – load from rear removed from front
  • Adjust the depth to allow for thinner or thicker ‘Heals & Crowns’
  • Easy maintenance design to minimal down times


  • Code: VISBT
  • Width: 640mm
  • Depth: 380mm
  • Height: 700mm
  • Weight: 35 Kg
  • 2.1 Kw
  • 9.5 amps
  • 230 volts



Vizu Bread Toaster

The Vizu Bread Toaster allows a constant feed of bread to be toasted one after the other. Simply lay a piece of bread on the inclined feed chute and watch as the feed conveyor draws the piece of bread through the machine passed the heating elements and drops in out fully toasted at the base of the machine. The adjustable heating elements mean you can fine tune the toaster to deliver the correct amount of heat for the perfect level of toasting.

  • Automatic feed conveyor
  • Upper and lower heating
  • Full high quality stainless steel construction
  • Compact design with lower return chute
  • Easy to operate heating control on the front
  • Height adjustable to allow different thicknesses of bread
  • Lower fan allowing additional air flow improving heat distribution


  • Code: VIBRT
  • Width: 385mm
  • Depth: 570mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • 2.9 Kw
  • 12.6 amps
  • 230 volts