Vizu HD2 Hot Dog Grill

Vizu Hot Dog Grills incorporate a constant, easily read visual display of the grill plate temperature, which together with a unique heat’n’hold operation allows hot dogs, frankfurters and the like to be held at optimum temperature with little or no deterioration in appearance or taste for several hours. Simply load, heat & serve!

Note: Hot Dog Grills are only suitable for pre-cooked meat products, such as hot dogs & frankfurters – not British type uncooked sausages.

  • Anodised Cooking surface for quality even heating surface
  • Stainless steel grid construction for easy cleaning
  • Temperature display located on front for easy temp checks
  • Optional clear cover available
  • Slow moving oscillating moving produces little or no noise
  • Easy to load and remove hot dogs during operation
  • Easy to maintain


  • Code: VIHD2
  • Width: 530mm
  • Depth: 485mm
  • Height: 190mm
  • Weight: 20 Kg
  • 1.1 Kw
  • 5 amps
  • 230 volts