The Vizu BBQ range takes all the benefits of the fantastic Vizu Fast Serv range and incorperates specifically designed modules for use outdoors in a Vizu BBQ layout!

With the modular design you have the opportunity to create the perfect configuration to suit your garden or outdoor space; meaning your next garden party is sure to be the talk of the town. Not only will you be able to engage with your guests more by bringing the kitchen outside; you can now spend less time going back and forth from the kitchen to the garden meaning you can enjoy the party as much as your guests will.

Contact the Sales department for further information regarding pricing and details about creating a specifically design BBQ solution for your next garden party!

Vizu BBQ 750 Wide Sink

The Vizu BBQ 750 Wide Sink unit provides you with a brilliant and practical space for clean-up. With its extra-large drop in sink and prewash tap option, this unit will make even the messiest jobs a doddle! You always need the right tools for the job so we’ve provided a useful and easy to access lower storage area, with removable baskets for organising all of your cleaning products but keeping them out of sight when not being used. The body of the unit has ‘knockout’ section meaning you can plumb in your sink and keep all your plumbing neat and tidy.

  • Code: VI750SINK
  • Large drop in sink to make cleaning up fast and efficient
  • Storage area below sink to keep all the cleaning product neat and tidy

Vizu BBQ 425 Wide Gas Bottle Cupboard

The Vizu BBQ 425 Wide Gas Bottle Cupboard is the perfect solution for hiding those unsightly but necessary gas bottles. The unit is 425 wide and with the open rear allows space for 2 gas bottles to be neatly stored. The unit has been designed to sit next to the Vizu BBQ Base module and has the facility to link the gas bottle to the BBQ with a direct gas line connection routing. In addition to storage the unit also provide the space on top to mount a large separate gas burner for those who enjoy stir frying or flat pan cooking alongside the traditional BBQ experience.

  • Space for two gas bottles with open rear for ventilation
  • Option to mount a gas burner in the top surface for wok or flat pan cooking

Vizu BBQ 330 Wide Pull Out Bin

The Vizu BBQ 330 Wide Pull Out Bin allows the ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ area to remain clean and tidy by providing a simple hidden pull out bin solution. The unit has a full high front vanity panel which acts as the handle to open to access the bin. Within the unit is a lower draw with two sets of draw runners to allow a smooth open and close option. The draw has a removable inner panel which keeps the bin securely in place, and is easy to take out to clean when required.

  • Code: VI330PULLBIN
  • 330 wide unit with clean front vanity panel
  • Interior bin and bin locator are removable for cleaning

Vizu BBQ Base 1

The Vizu BBQ Base module has been specifically design to fit the ‘Beefeater’ 4 Burner BBQ. Not only does this unit provide a neat and tidy area for mounting your BBQ, it also provides a handy storage area below to keep all your sauces, tools and other necessary utensils out of sight until they are required. But it also provides a simple but effective solution to catch all the grease and fat in an easily removable tray for quick cleaning.

  • Code: VIBBQBASE1
  • Sleek design for mounting the ‘Beefeater 4 burner BBQ’
  • Storage area and grease trap below to keep it looking neat and tidy