Founded in 1973, Fast Food Systems Ltd is a family business devoted to quick service restaurants (QSR). We learn how a QSR works, which has allowed us to develop our own brand Vizu and our own range of catering equipment to suit the UK and European market.

Noticing a gap in the UK market for speciality QSR equipment, we trademarked the Vizu® brand in 1988 and began our product range with the Vizu Burger and Vizu Fries units. Originally, we produced these through third parties, but this left us lacking control, so in the early 90’s, we opened our own factory at the Fast Food Systems headquarters. Having on-site manufacturing allowed us to respond to customer requests with overnight turn around for design developments, with our research-and-development team communicatomg directly with our sales and service team to deliver exactly what our users require.


Vizu® is derived from the word “Visual.” Our products are all about creating a quality point of sale through the use of our equipment. The Vizu® Range sells food products through its aesthetic appearance and the way it’s illuminated. We focus on creating smooth lines so no rivets/ fasteners or rough edges as standard. The look and feel is very important in the QSR industry, and Vizu represents thoughtfully developed, quality quick service restaurant equipment.

Vizu® is synonymous with a high quality, visually appealing product that is robust and built to last. Each product is made from high grade stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and rust. With no sharp edges, our products allow the users to provide a quality product quickly and safely.


At Fast Food Systems, we pride ourselves on quality. We care about building something that is going to last, is easy to clean, easy to use and fit for purpose.

Choosing Vizu means you are buying into our brand, becoming part of our family & joining a group of people with 50 years of development and growth. You are buying into the longevity and reliance that we care about and we are passionate about what we do. You are not just buying a steel box; you are investing in a product that has been thoroughly developed in terms of use, ease of cleaning and maintenance, all contained in a visually appealing body to fulfil your requirements.

We work to a high level of standards for health and safety, and we run our factory on the ‘just-in-time’ lean manufacturing ethos. We also have quality systems and procedures in place. This ensures our work is kept at the highest possible standard consistently.


Vizu® specialises in holding and warming equipment; allowing food to be held for a long period of time by creating the correct ambient atmosphere with regards to temperature and humidity. We create a safe place to store food for extended periods of time without deterioration for both product quality in terms of visual aspects as well as the temperature and taste of the product.

Vizu will deliver what you need and fit for your purpose. That’s why our customers come back to us time and time again. When you buy Vizu®, you get long holding times safely without product deterioration.


Fast Food Services runs a number of franchises making us a customer of our own brand; we use the equipment and frequently provide feedback on the Vizu product range.

We also talk to our partners who have tested our new products. The daily feedback is then reported directly to the research-and-development team to improve the product. Having our own manufacturing facilities means that over the years we are:

  • Constantly improving.
  • Spending time researching new methods of design.
  • Keeping an eye on the market.
  • Looking at what else is being developed.
  • Integrating the latest available technology, knowledge and enhancements into the Vizu® range.


We firmly believe that customers are No. 1 and that listening to customers is important to gather feedbacks, improve products & enable us to provide a better service.

Fast Food Systems and Vizu are globally recognised brands. We supply our equipment throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Our staff speak a wide range of languages so please get in touch.

Feedback can be sent in via social media as well as by phone or email.

Please like & follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok.

Check out our YouTube videos for new product operation instructions and developments project testing and design films. If you just want to know if a new feature can be incorporated into an existing product, please leave us a comment and it will be fed-back to the design and development team for possible upgrades to the Vizu product family.

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