The Vizu fries range has been designed to suit the small footprint of a typical UK or European quick-service restaurant. It includes different fry stations for french, chip scuttles, chip stations, counter toppers, warmers, and servers.

The Vizu fries range has something to suit all budgets and locations. The largest of the chip scuttle range features a large bagging area, heat from above and below to provide an optimum environment to keep the fries hot and crisp and is mounted on a freezer drawer, convenient for keeping frozen products to hand.

The range features a number of units that are heated from above by overhead heat lamps, as well as the higher spec units such as the hugely popular Vizu Mega Fries, which is also heated from beneath the ‘chip dump’ area; helping to maintain a consistent temperature for serving a range of fried products.

The range offers different solutions to suit your needs, with some products offering integrated bagging areas with the chip flip features – helping to keep the upper areas tidy and clean.

We have focused on proving the most energy efficient solutions which also makes these cheaper to run. We pride ourselves on creating some of the most thought-through chip dumps on the market, helping you to speed up your work flow with dedicated packaging storage, salt shaker and scoop holders.

Contact the Sales department for further information regarding pricing and details about creating your own efficient kitchen solution to simplify and speed up your workflow today.

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