Fast Food Systems Ltd produces a wide range of equipment to suit your every need.

Vizu products are generally used in quick service restaurants, however we also supply many other places such as; cinemas, restaurants, café’s, pubs, bars, commercial catering, public food service locations, other shops who want quick service food facilities, outdoor BBQ solutions, anywhere else people want high quality stainless steel kitchen equipment.

Contact the Sales department for further information regarding pricing and details. And if you want something we don’t currently produce we have the facilities to design bespoke solutions to fit your need!

Vizu full range |
Vizu Fast Serv 600 Wide Single Wrap Bucket Module |
Vizu 1100 Pass Through Multi Stack |
Vizu Mega Fries |
Vizu Clam Griddle |
Vizu warmer |
Vizu Slim Line Bun Toaster |
Vizu 2 Tier Food Chute |
Vizu Loading Trolley for Breader |
Vizu Humidified Holding Cabinet |
Vizu HD2 Hot Dog Grill |
Vizu Counter Popcorn Warmer |
Vizu 50lb. Counter Top Tumbler |
Vizu Mobile Landing Trolley |
Vizu FC8 Wrap Stand |