We worked with Polish company Art System to provide equipment to the Mango Mama concept.

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Chipsta is a new burger shop by the owners of the Treatz dessert brand based in Slough.

Designed, supplied and installed by Fast Food System, the store offers fries as its speciality.

We look forward to seeing the store opening soon!

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Fast Food Systems recently designed, built and installed a bespoke rear service counter at Dixy Fried Chicken Acocks Green, Birmingham. Looks and practicality are vital in customer-facing equipment, so we designed this counter to look great and improve efficiency We did this by placing storage for condiments and packaging at the front, and adding simple and cost-effective frames with shelves at the rear for additional storage.

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When this project first started, the store in Brigstock Road was nothing more than an empty building in the middle of the high street. Then, in 2020, the customer contacted Fast Food Systems asking for help to transform this empty store into a fully functioning restaurant, as a part of the Smacks Hamburgers franchise. And so, that is what we set out to do.

With the help of our lead designer, Shepard Chen, and in constant discussion with the franchisee, we created an equipment layout that offered the most efficient workflow possible. Once the specification and design had been finalised, a 3D render was created to provide a better view of the equipment layout, providing clarity for further changes.
Afterward, a quote was created to determine the exact cost of all the equipment needed for the Smacks Hamburger. The equipment was then manufactured, packaged and delivered from our Reading warehouse to Brigstock Road, in south London, where it was installed by our team of engineers as per the equipment layout plan.
Our experienced trainer was also on hand to provide staff training, ensuring that the restaurant team could maximise the equipment’s potential and deliver the product that the franchisee required, helping to ensure another successful Smacks Franchise.


Thanks to our experienced experts, we were able to increase the productivity of the restaurant, whilst also increasing the quality of the menu, resulting in rave reviews from local customers. By planning out an efficient workspace, we were able to help the customer stay within his budget when building his restaurant and reduce pressure on the staff and the customers.

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One of our latest store with our partner brand, Southern Fried Chicken.

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This is the newest store in the African Continent with our partner brand, Southern Fried Chicken.

Built in the capital city of the Democractic Republic of Congo, this restaurant in Kinshasa happens to be only a 4.5km away from the next nearest Southern Fried Chicken restaurant in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo. Together, the two owners collaborated to maintain a consistent menu with our Vizu Equipment, delivering the same high quality fried chicken & sandwiches to both countries.

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Jolly Nice Farmshop is a fast food takeaway who came to us for help in setting up their equipment. After finalising the quote, we supplied them with high end Vizu catering equipment to ensure their cooking operation will be able to function properly in the foreseeable future.

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