Designed with your needs
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Fast Food Systems has a highly skilled workforce trained in a range of 3D design software for a variety of applications.

3D Design enables us to create a complete design for bespoke equipment as well as full kitchen layouts. These designs can be displayed on screen, so the customer can review the product before manufacturing.

3D design is available on a consultancy basis, please enquire for details.

Full Kitchen Solutions

Through customer liaison, (meetings, site visits and discussions) we can work with you to build a specification which provides a solution for your specific requirements/needs.

Our experience allows us to design the shortest operational flow path. Our design process is tailored for quick service restaurants enabling us to provide the most efficient solution. We know a restaurant is run by people moving around the kitchen. Our solutions maximise time spent on production and minimise time wastage from overlapped or repetitive movement. Vizu Fast Serv is the base for creating the best ergonomic design via layouts and ergonomic equipment placement; simplifying and speeding up your work flow.

Bespoke Solutions |

Concept & CAD Design

You may have looked through our range and found a product that is almost what you’re looking for. With our 3D design CAD systems we can either create a design from scratch or adapt a current machine using our technical skills to fit your business; making our products bespoke to your needs.

Who might need a Bespoke Design?

Any client needing something non-standard, out of the ordinary or someone who wants something to suit their industry or business. Many people find that a concept sketch helps them decide about how a concept can be developed in the early stages; so feel free to book an appointment to begin the design process now!

Bespoke Equipment

The customer would be given a 3D VIZUalisation, in the form of a digital image (photorealistic representation) of what the design is going to look like. This VIZUalisation can be manipulated to show the customer specific details or different angles. The example displays the visual render and the final product installation of one of Vue Cinema’s concept ideas.

We can also provide a digital video walk through of kitchens to see if layouts will be suitable for their concept (this would mainly be useful for larger kitchen layouts).

Bespoke Solutions |

Guidance every step of the way

If you have an idea we can guide you through the whole process: from the initial specification generation, producing concept sketches, then CAD models and visual representations. At each stage we can provide constant communication and progress reports to ensure you get exactly what you want. This process means you could potentialy save money in the long run by making changes prior to the start of manufacture.