Vizu Tong Storage Box

The Vizu Tong storage box is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The Tong Storage Box is designed to fit beneath the Vizu Pass Thru or the Wrap Stand units. The box is a self-contained storage box that fits a pair of food tongs neatly and helps to catch all the grease or food debris that would otherwise fall onto the floor or counter top. This high quality stainless steel unit is simple to remove from its location and clean with warm soapy water, helping you keep your kitchen spotless and hygienic.

  • Design to fit with the Vizu Range
  • Small unit to save space
  • High quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Easy access lower front side for simple use
  • Keep your area tidy and reduce grease drips
  • Machine washable
  • Robust Welded construction.