Vizu Pressure Fryer 2400 Electric

The Vizu Pressure Fryer 2400 is manufactured in stainless steel. This unit has a round cooking well capable of cooking 21lbs/64 pieces of chicken per 10 minutes (approximately). The touch screen controller is preset to reset itself after each cook.

Two stage cooking temperature control to save energy. This unit would be fitted with an integral filter box and pump which sits beneath the pressure fryer. Once clean the oil is then pumped back, reducing both oil and safety risks.

  • One large, 6” x 3.5”, full colour touch screen
  • Complete library of preset cook times and product photos
  • Four stage cooking temperature control to save energy
  • Easy transfer of cook times from one machine to another, via USB port – great for multiple locations or units
  • All set up features can be protected by a code, accessible only by store manager or authorized person
  • Provides number of loads since the last time the oil was filtered and auto resets after the filtering cycle is completed
  • Automatic idle and shut-off modes help further control energy consumption and reduce operating costs
  • Designed to increase productivity and maximize energy efficiency
  • The built-in filter system and user friendly operation can save time and trouble during maintenance and clean up
  • The 2400 Electric Pressure Fryer has a food capacity of 9.5kg or approximately 64 chicken pieces
  • Available as electric and gas
  • 15kW Rated Heating Elements
  • 3 phase, 220 volt, 50hz, 22.7 amps
  • Code: BR2400CEEST
  • Width: 608mm
  • Depth: 1118mm
  • Height: 1187mm