Vizu Burger Make-Up Tray

The Vizu Burger make up tray is the perfect addition to Vizu Calm Griddle. When you have to make a batch of burgers fast, start with the heel and build the sandwich to the point where the burger is needed, take the tray over to the griddle. Now fit the burger make up tray onto the front side of the griddle. Now simply transfer the freshly cooked burgers directly onto the sandwich. Now you can carry all the partly made burgers to the relish and rapping station to finish off before serving. This system allows you to improve your efficiency and speed up your workflow.

  • Designed to work with the Vizu range
  • Tray fits 8 buns neatly
  • Folded edges to help with handling
  • Edge profile allows the tray to fit into position with the Vizu Clam Griddle
  • Machine washable
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Single piece so no joints to trap food