Vizu Server

The Vizu Server has been design to fit on the central service counter. This machine provides 2 main functions. Firstly, this is a double-sided chip scuttle and bagging unit. Secondly, this is a pass through unit that allows you to temporarily store and display plated food. This unit should be used for cooked food only. It will keep chips warm via a heating element below and heat lamps above. Each heating feature can be controlled independently, meaning you can have just the bottom heat element on, or just the front light, or just the rear lights, or any combinations you see fit to help you display your product to the greatest effect and save power during the less busy hours. Wrap and chip bag storage can be found above the unit, giving you plenty of space to store packaging which can be used from both sides of the machine.

  • Side mounted optional bagging rack
  • Bagging rack is angled and directed back to the chip dump area to keep all the chips where they should be
  • Removable chip dump area for easy cleaning
  • Raised grid to allow excess grease to drain away from chips
  • Unit is mounted on adjustable feet to compensate for unstable surfaces
  • Upper wrap and bag storage for both sides of the unit
  • Code: VI003S
  • Width: 802mm
  • Depth: 789mm
  • Height: 884mm
  • Weight: 48 Kg
  • 2.1 Kw
  • 10 amps
  • 230 volts