Vizu Mega Fries

The Vizu Mega Fries is heated from above by overhead heat lamps, and from beneath the ‘chip dump’ area, to maintain a consistent temperature. To be used with cooked products only. The front and rear lamps are controlled separately allowing energy to be conserved when appropriate. The dump area is large with a divider to keep a variety of products including chips, onion rings, potato wedges, etc. Interchangeable side glass new bagging rack (of 2 different sizes), to support different workflow directions. Additional bagging rack option at the rear of the dump area gives more storage space during busy periods. Wrap and chip bag storage located beneath the chip dump area, with salt shaker holder included.

  • Movable Bag Rack dividers and flaps
  • Chip flip design for easy removal of stray chips
  • Place glass on either side of the unit
  • Removable chip dump area for easy cleaning
  • Raised grid to allow excess grease to drain away from chips
  • Unit is easily moved on castors to clean below when required
  • Flush mounted storage doors for easy cleaning
  • Code: VIMF
  • Width: 803mm
  • Depth: 705mm
  • Height: 1570mm
  • Weight: 92 Kg
  • 2.5 Kw
  • 11 amps
  • 230 volts